Hosting Links:

  1. Centralize and find prominent positioning for Free Shipping offers and Coupon Codes.
  2. Generate a sense of urgency: “Limited Time offer!”, “Offer expires 7/31!”, “For last minute Holiday Shoppers”.
  3. Provide recommendations for products to your readers within the context of your site. Include pricing and product details.
  4. Deep link to the most relevant page on the advertiser’s website; (ie. the category or product detail page) for best conversions.
  5. Sign up for our Data Feed Subscription to receive updated content for each advertiser to whom you are joined for an automatic daily import of content on your server through an FTP connection.
  6. Choose links based on your site model or vertical:
  • Loyalty/Rewards: simple logo accompanied by compelling offer in text link form
  • Coupon/Shopping: text links with a strong offer
  • Content: strong branding and offers instead of just logos, which might not attract as much attention; also try embedding text links within blog content


Applying for New Programs:

  1. When applying to new programs, choose advertisers similar to those you’re already working with as advertisers prefer being listed alongside competitors.
  2. Consider an advertiser’s EPC, estimated earnings per 100 clicks, when determining the revenue potential of the program.
  3. Carefully read the advertiser’s Terms and Conditions before applying to avoid violations, which could result in termination from the program. These very often include important restrictions on certain promotional methods such as email, incentivized traffic, co-registration, and search. If you ever have any questions about the terms for a program, make sure to reach out to your FlexOffers manager.


Optimizing Performance:

  1. If you are generating significant leads or sales for a particular advertiser, consider that there may be an opportunity to leverage your success for a higher commission or placement slotting fee. Be sure to reach out to your FlexOffers manager to assist you in your negotiation.
  2. Measure your performance on multiple campaigns (ie. Email, Homepage, Blog, etc.). Create a new campaign through Links > Campaigns > Add New Campaign. Then, when grabbing a new link, choose from the drop down which campaign you’ll be using. A specific value will be added to your unique tracking link so that, in your Report Feed, you’ll be able to view the campaign that the transaction originated from.
  3. Run weekly performance reports by advertiser in Reports > Detailed Reports to determine which advertiser to increase or scale back promotion for.