First thing’s first!

To access the FlexOffers API resources, you must have the API Key that is assigned for each domain that has been registered under your Publisher account. Each domain is assigned its own unique API key.

What is an API key?

The API key is a unique domain identifier represented as a GUID value. It is primarily a security measure to validate that the API is being used by valid publishers. However, it is important to note that FlexOffers also uses it to identify the domain that a request is being made for, which in turn determines which programs and products a user is approved for.

Where do I find my API key(s)?

The API keys for your domains can be found within the Publisher portal. After successfully logging in to your Publisher account, navigate to Links >> Data Feeds >> Web Services and you should see a list of your API keys near the top of the page. Please contact us if you are missing any one of you API keys.

How do I use my API key to authenticate?

The API key must be passed in with every request made to a secured resource. This is done by inputting the API key as the value of a custom header named, “ApiKey”.

For example, if the API key for your domain is “8bb138d4-2438-478f-8265-6ee842cd12d7”, your request headers should contain a key/value pair of:

“ApiKey”: “8bb138d4-2438-478f-8265-6ee842cd12d7”

If this form of authentication does not suit your liking, please do not hesitate to submit feedback to let us know your preferred method of authentication. We are constantly seeking to improve our user experience.

My requests come back as unauthorized! Help!

If you’re certain that you’re using the API’s authentication system correctly with a valid API key, please contact us. It is possible that we have taken action to render your API key as invalid. If so, we will be happy to assist you and potentially issue a new API key for your domain.

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