Thank you for completing our application form to promote credit cards on your website. Your website is in the review process, and can take several months or more for a final decision from the card issuer. When it comes to promoting credit cards, it can be a very lucrative business, but only for those websites that adhere to the strict guidelines and compliance rules set forth by the card issuers. We are glad to say that is currently working with a number of credit card issuers, and your website is already under review. We will send updates to you specifically when your publisher site is approved for a specific credit card program.

Keep in mind, the card issuers are extremely strict, but through, we are managing compliance and a number of critical components that card issuers require, making it easier for your website to get approved, however, we do ask for your patience, as this is a lengthy process.

We will keep you posted and notify you immediately once a decision is made by each credit card issuer.