If you’ve placed the text links or banners for one of your approved advertisers on your website and they don’t look right, there may be a few reasons why.


It could be that:

  1. You may have missed a few characters when copying and pasting the promo’s tracking URL. Please check the code to ensure you’re adding the right string. 



  1. The links/banners you’ve added to your landing page (or the program they come from) may have been deactivated. After verifying that you’re using the correct tracking URL as described in step 1, please send the full FlexOffers.com tracking URL to our team at [email protected]. We’ll check on the status of these link and let you know if it is indeed still live.


  1. The advertiser that you’re trying to promote links for does not allow traffic from the specific region of the world that you are browsing from. To find out if a program allows traffic from a certain part of the world, please check their terms & conditions when logged into your PublisherPro account. (<-LINK)



If you are not a FlexOffers.com publisher and instead found this article after clicking on a link on another site like the one below:



Please take a look at THIS article on our Support FAQ site.


Should you have any question, please email our team at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in our network!