Would you like to know which specific links and banners are generating the most sales for advertisers and commissions for publishers? Then visit the Top Links tab on the FlexOffers Links page!

Filter the top links to get results that are most relevant to you by choosing a link Category. By selecting a recent Time Period, you can learn which ad has been making the most sales dollars by checking out the link’s Ranking. Or take those same results and sort by EPC to learn how much those same ads have been earning per click!

Ready to try one of the links you see? When you click on View Link, you’ll either go straight to the link (if you’re already approved for the advertiser) or to the Advertiser Signup page (so you can apply to use all of the advertiser’s links). Want to take those filtered results with you? Simply download the list to a spreadsheet (CSV file) by clicking the orange download button.

FlexOffers will continue to improve and update this and other informative tools to make sure you’re always making the most money from your valuable traffic!