If you’ve applied to Advertisers on your FlexOffers.com Publisher account, there’s an easy way to see them listed all in one spot (along with their status- Approved, Declined, or Pending Review):

1. Once logged in to PublisherPro.FlexOffers.com, go to the Advertisers tab.

2. Click on the Search tab.

3. Click on the Approved box in the Advertiser Search widget on the left side of the screen.

4. Click on the Search button at the bottom of the Advertiser Search widget. Your results will then appear.

5. Finally, to download the list to a convenient CSV spreadsheet file, click on the Export button above your results.


To download a spreadsheet of your approved links/offers:

1. Click on the Data Feeds tab.

2. Click on the Downloads tab.

3. Once you’ve selected your filtering options, click on the Download button.

Note: The default settings of All Categories and All Advertisers will allow you to download a spreadsheet of all the links for which you are approved to use.

When you run your reports, a column in that report will contain the code you need for links or banners and includes your exclusive domainIDs and productIDs, so they’re ready to go!